Chris Wolf Show 2015 04 06 Chasing Icebergs with Teresa Carey

Jun 14, 2015 | Chris Wolf Video

The Movie “One Simple Question” is the story of a young couple who seeking adventure, shed the comforts of land, and begin a life at sea aboard a small sailboat.

Their goal is simple—sail north until they find an iceberg. But they’ll need to sail over 1600 miles before the first sign of ice. The journey takes them from the suburbs of New York to the scenic grandeur of Newfoundland and ultimately to a little known place called Iceberg Alley.

What they didn’t anticipate was that they would find a massive piece of the Petermann Ice Island, the record breaking iceberg that drew the attention of climate scientists worldwide.

Teresa Carey, one of the creators of this movie, was our guest on Monday, April 6 with lots of stories to tell about that trip.