Chris Wolf Show 2015-10-30 with Ben Ellison, Leonard Lookner, Jack Churchill. Three great characters. One great brain fest. WATCH NOW

Nov 5, 2015 | Chris Wolf Show, Chris Wolf Video, Featured

This show was supposed to be a discussion with Camden resident Ben Ellison about boats.

But then Leonard Lookner and Jack Churchill, also from Camden, came into the studio and the show morphed into a delightful three-way interchange about local happenings, harbors, politics and just plain fun. It was just like the old time spirited coffee shop discussions between locals before they all started hiding behind their computers and smartphones.

This is a great example of “community television” which brings communication back to our community. It also lets us know about all the wonderful people and things happening right here.

Ben will be back in the studio again soon to talk about boats!

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