Rockland City Councilor Valli Geiger

The special guest on the Friday, September 30, 2016, 8:00 a.m. episode of The Chris Wolf Show will be Rockland City Councilor Valli Geiger. Geiger will speak on the bond issues that will be before Rockland voters in November. And, as always, the conversations will morph into other interesting areas so be sure to be watching or listening.

Geiger has a reputation of not being afraid to clearly state where she stands, even if her opinion is not popular. Both voters and fellow councilors appreciate her integrity and ability to stay true to her convictions.

Future Chris Wolf Shows will include other political candidates and we welcome all candidates of all parties, but slots are filling up and are limited due to time constraints. If you’re a candidate who would like to be on The Chris Wolf Show, please email Chris at

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