Wild Blueberry Day at the Union Fair – Free pies, Judging Blueberry Desserts & Whoopie Pies, Kids pie eating

Sep 16, 2017 | C2 Productions, Featured, Going Places Video

Watch this program to see highlights of the Maine Wild Blueberry Day at the Union Fair. The day starts with free, small blueberry pies being given out by the new Maine Wild Blueberry Queen and Crown Princess. We also have a recap of the children’s blueberry pie eating contest – a no-hands contest that results in some very blueberry-covered faces! We also see the blueberry dessert judging, with delicious creations ranging from cakes to crumbles and cupcakes. Lastly, we will watch 3 gentlemen judges sample and judge the best Whoopie Pies, the state of Maine’s official “treat”. A variety of flavors were submitted – chocolate, pumpkin, blueberry, and carrot. Which one would be your favorite?