C2 Productions on Maine Coast TV is producing a series of basketball games from 30 and even 40 years ago, to provide our viewing audience with a blast from the past during this time when most of us are staying at home to avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus. Watch this Vintage Maine Boys High School basketball game between the Windjammers of Camden-Rockport and the Tigers of Rockland. This game was played at Camden-Rockport on February 5, 1991. The Windjammers were led by Coach Hart and the starting players were Brett Hayward, Todd Shaw, Doug Teel, Phil Amoroso, and TJ Hoffman. The Tigers were led by Coach Elkington and the starting players were Jeff Woodman, Jeff Crossman, Seth Monroe, Mark Fishman, and Jim Montgomery. Enjoy! This was one heck of a game! Please leave comments on our “C2 Productions” facebook page and spread the word about this vintage game series.