C2 Productions on Maine Coast TV is producing a series of basketball games from many years ago, to provide our viewing audience with a blast from the past during this time when most of us are staying at home to avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus. Watch this final game of the regular season from February 6, 1996 between the Windjammers of Camden-Rockport and the Mustangs of Mt. View . The broadcasters are Charlie Crockett and Don Palmer. The game was produced by the the CRTV Club at CRHS. This was senior night and flowers were presented to the parents. The Windjammers were led by Coach Carlsen and the starting players were Darraah Roberts, Stacie Brown, Sammy Hibbard, Anka Broomer, and Terri Berg. The Mustangs starting players were Leslie Weed, Megan Williams, Vanessa Wood, Niaomi Gilette, and Amanda Hayes. Please leave comments and memories of this game on our “C2 Productions” facebook page and spread the word about this vintage game series. Enjoy!