Vintage Basketball Game # 23: Camden-Rockport Girls vs. Foxcroft 2/18/2000

May 21, 2020 | Basketball Video, C2 Productions, Featured, Sports, Vintage Basketball Game

This is Vintage Girls Basketball Game # 23, a Quarter Final Tournament game between the Windjammers of Camden-Rockport and the Ponies of Foxcroft. This game was played at the old Bangor Auditorium on February 18, 2000. Coach Jay Carlsen’s Windjammer starters were Anna Sommo, Deidra Beveridge, Megan Cressler, Tony-Lynn Robbins, and Becca Neville. The starters for Coach Cary’s Ponies were Holly Nichols, Brooks Harford, Donna Fraz, Amy Kelly, and Leslie Glover. ( please let us know if any of these names are misspelled; we only have audio to go by for the names when we digitize these games).