Vintage Game # 24: Camden Hills Boys vs. Belfast 12/18/2000

May 24, 2020 | Basketball Video, C2 Productions, Featured, Sports, Vintage Basketball Game

This is Vintage Boys Basketball Game # 24 between the Windjammers of Camden Hills and the Tigers of Belfast. This was the first game of game of the 2000 season in the new Camden Hills gym. Coach Jeff Hart’s Windjammer starters were Marshall Smith, Brian Fitzpatrick, John Knutson, Grant Lippman, and Nick Wilson. The starters for the Belfast Tigers were Chap Cosmo, Neil Pendleton, Colby Horne, Chris Duval, and Kevin Herbig. ( please let us know if any of these names are misspelled; we only have audio to go by for the names when we digitize these games).