Vintage Girls Basketball Game # 34: Camden Hills vs. Rockland 1/30/2007

Jul 21, 2020 | Basketball Video, C2 Productions, Featured, Sports, Vintage Basketball Game

This is Vintage Girls Basketball Game # 34 from 1/30/ 2007, between the Camden Hills Windjammers and the Rockland Fighting Tigers. The broadcasters are Charlie Crockett and Don Palmer. Coach Jay Carlsen’s Windjammer starters were Allie Parent, Kayla Carleton, Kayla Gushee, Christian Tedford, and Kate Fetterman The starters for the Coach Karen Bickmore’s Rockland Fighting Tigers were were Baille Boggs, Aly Nolan, Corey Picard, Dana Clark, and Danielle Hanson.
This game is one requested by a viewer, and we are looking for requests for “Memorable Games” that you would like to see. Please send us requests to our facebook page or to our email , If we have the game. and it is in good broadcast condition, we will try to get it on the air and online for you.