Out and About with Al Videos

Al Gardner Show 17_27

Deer in the backyard and then Al goes to the model show at the Owls Head Transportation Museum

Al Gardner Show 17_26

AL takes a look at some goats and chickens before he goes to Deer Foot Farm

Al Gardner Show 17_25

Al goes to Trackside to see some baby chicks and then goes to watch construction in Camden

Al Gardner Show 17_19

AL sees some goats, peacocks, and chickens before he heads out to the snowbowl. March 6, 2017

Al Gardner Show 17 17

More driving around after the snow. A cute cat stops at Al’s backyard for a little snack. Another look at the construction in Camden

Al Gardner Show 17 11

Al examines the new bridge in Rockland’s harbor walk and then watches some ice hockey on a lake. Later he gets a kick out of the old Bonanza restaurant being torn down.

Al Gardner Show 16_84

AL sees some stormy weather in Rockland harbor in November of 2016. Then he heads out to see some goats and peacocks.

Al Gardner Show 16_82

Part 2 of Marion Hall’s 100th birthday party and then Al takes a look at some pretty foliage.

Al Gardner Show 16_81

Al takes a look at a tiny house and then some water buffalo. He also goes to Marion Hall’s birthday party (part1)

Al Gardner Show 16_75

Al visits the Owls Head Transportation Museum for their foreign car show. After that he locates some water buffalo

Al Gardner Show 16_73

Al is all over the place today with visits to Mt Battie takeout, Halloween decorations, Camden waterfront, wild turkeys, goats and squirrels

Al Gardner Show 16_72

Al goes to the reunion for the the class of 1961 but first stops into the Owls Head Transportation museum.

Al Gardner Show 16_71

Al checks out the Pope Memorial Humane Society’s annual “Whisper Walk”

Al Gardner Show 16_69

More coverage of the Devon Stewart Memorial Ride and then Al goes to the Mt Battie Takeout for some lunch. Then he covers the 9/11 ceremony

Al Gardner Show 16_70

AL covers the toy run at the Windsor Fair grounds. He sees some artists painting along the waterfront and then goes to investigate the Ripple Initiative

Al Gardner Show 16_67

Motorcycles at the Owls Head Transportation Museum and then Al heads back to the Windsor Fair

Al Gardner Show 16_56

Al visits the Maine Boats and Harbors show then heads out to the lake to videotape some boats.

Al Gardner Show 16_52

Al continues his coverage of the Owls Head Transportation Museum and then goes sightseeing in Hope.

Al Gardner Show 16_54

Crate running at the 2016 Lobster festival, and then to the farmer’s market at Snow Marine park. More grey fox and sightseeing

Al Gardner Show 16_55

AL goes on a fishing trip and then visits the Maine Boats and Harbors Show for 2016

Al Gardner Show 16_50

Al finishes up with the 2016 blues festival and then visits with the grey fox.

Al Gardner Show 16_51

Al spends time watching the grey fox and then goes to the Owls Head Transportation Museum

Al Gardner Show 16_48

The North Atlantic Blues Fest and then Al goes home and see some backyard visitors

Al Gardner Show 16_45

The Tri County Horse meet, and then Al’s grey fox visits. The end of the show Al goes to the “haunted” house up in Northport

Al Gardner Show 16_44

The grey fox pays and visit and then Al goes to the Owls Head Transportation Museum

Al Gardner Show 16_41

More of the 2016 Lobster Festival parade and then Al goes to an airshow at the Owls Head Transportation Museum.

Al Gardner Show 16_39

Al spends another day the Lobster Festival and stays for some live entertainment.

Al Gardner Show 16_34

More time with the Belted Galloways and then Al goes to Rockland’s South End to watch some boat launchings.

Al Gardner Show 16_27

Al visits the new hotel in Rockland and then goes to a graduation in bangor

Al Gardner Show 16_23

Al is at the Union Fair grounds fora cattle show and then heads out to Jefferson to the Rocky Mountain Ranch to see some buffalo and deer.

Al Gardner Show 16_19

Al says hello to mother goose and her babies and then heads out to Mount Battie Takeout. AFter a good meal he takes a look at the quarries in Rockland that have been drained.

Al Gardner Show 16_16

Al sees some geese swimming in the pond, and then his car breaks down on the road. He sees a lobster boat being launched as well as the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse.

AL Gardner Show 16_15

Al talks to some cattle in Rockport, then visits the Medomak Valley Car Show. He comes upon 2 dead hawks on the ground and wonders what happened to them. The Eat sign goes up in Rockland, and he spots a fox in his yard.

Al Gardner Show 16_13. WATCH NOW.

Snowy day in May with rusty the red squirrel and a cardinal at the bird feeder. AL videotapes some cute ducklings and chicks at Tractor Supply. Some deer visit Al’s backyard at dusk, Al talks about the film he was in with Treat Williams, and finally we see some geese and babies.

AL Gardner Show 16_10 S1

Al tries out a new camera. Visits some cattle, sees an Osprey carry a fish to its nest.

AL Gardner Show 16_11

Al takes a look at a goose in a Quarry, then talks about movie The Congressman. Cattle in South Thomaston, new top on Sail Power and Steam Museum, Osprey, shots of new Rockland Hotel 250 Main street, excavation on Maverick street.

Out and About with Al Show 44 A

On todays show Al takes a look at the beautiful red leaves on the trees of Water Street. Then he tales a look at some pigs and their owners. He marvels at the calm and perfectly flat waters of Chickawaukie lake and contrasts it with a really rough day at the Rockland Breakwater and lighthouse. He finishes the show with some construction footage of the Pope Memorial Humane Shelter’s new home and the demolition of the gas station in the north end of Rockland

Demo Reel

This is my demo reel with some of my best work I’ve done over the past couple of semesters.

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