Fish Tails and Fishermen’s Tales on Monday’s The Chris Wolf Show


According to Roy Hitchings, former head of Pen Bay Hospital and a member of Georges River Trout Unlimited, “It seems like it is human nature to kill the fish that we catch. Yet, as Jacques-Yves Cousteau said, “People protect what they love.”

I love to fish, catch fish (especially large ones) and eat fish, and yet I release about 95 percent of the fish I land.

Why? The sport for me is hunting the fish on a river, stream or pond, figuring out what fly it will eat, fighting it and then releasing it. I figure if most of us do that, we will all have more and larger fish to try to fool into taking our fly, whether it’s trout, salmon, bass or stripers.

Streaming live on www.MaineCoast.TV and broadcast on WRFR FM, and Chris Wolf will host Roy Hitchings on Monday, April 13 at 7-8 a.m.

Roy will have lots of great information about fishing, catch and release and also fly tying. There will be lots of picture, lots of talk, and lots of fishermen’s tales. What a great way to celebrate the coming of Spring!

If you have questions or comments for Chris or Roy , please call in between 7 and 8 a.m. at 207-594-0721 or email Chris before or during the show at

And, in addition, you’ll hear the news from and stories that Chris Wolf has gathered from around the web, the weather and songs to help get your day started.

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