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Wednesday, May 6, and “The Chris Wolf Show” hosted David Lamon, the new Executive Director of Herring Gut Learning Center in Port Clyde.

We’ve probably all heard the name Herring Gut, but many of us are unfamiliar with the wonderful things it does. Herring Gut is a unique educational opportunity for students of all ages.

Herring Gut’s Saltwater Laboratory, located adjacent to Port Clyde’s working waterfront and a historic lobster pound, includes an algae room and shellfish hatchery, offering education and research opportunities that address current challenges to sustaining marine resources for future generations.

Herring Gut has a number of programs including engaging public school students in grades 6-12 who are academically at risk, using a hands-on, entrepreneurial, business-based model to keep them in school. It also trains teachers in engaging, hands-on instruction that increases student interest and comprehension in science, math, history and the arts. It connects academic concepts with local ecosystems and fisheries in customized, hands-on classes for groups of public school students. And it offers a first work experience in the summer for local teens ages 13-15.

David Lamon is a teacher, administrator, naturalist, and environmental scientist. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, David can most often be found close to water, either salty or fresh.

David’s past projects have included environmental restoration for diadromous fish passage, water quality monitoring work, and longitudinal research on Mount Desert Island’s common loon population. David has incorporated citizen science into each of these areas and enjoys creating opportunities for people young and old to connect with their local environment. He has served in both volunteer and staff leadership roles for a number of Maine non-profit organizations.

David also has a background in performance art and arts administration, and when he’s not outdoors you can often find him in a theater or gleefully gliding across a dance floor somewhere.

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