The Chris Wolf Show is looking for interesting story tellers.


The Chris Wolf Show is a cooperative venture between, WRFR FM Community Radio, and Maine Coast TV, Community Television.  It’s different from most broadcasting in that we’re using technology but we’re trying to push it as far into the background as we can.  We’re getting back to the basics of storytelling…a couple of people sitting around a kitchen table or campfire communicating.  We’re trying to get down the primitive human needs.

Some experiments work.  Some don’t.  This one is already far exceeding our expectations.  And we’re just getting started.  The phenomenon of the show has been spreading rapidly through the community.  It’s been a very rewarding project to work on.

The amazing thing about The Chris Wolf Show is the stories.  It’s great things that are happening in our community that we usually don’t know about – great people, telling stories and great stories to tell.

And our storytellers have been diverse. From a bank president to a massage therapist, sometimes even sharing the same show. CEOs, Firemen, police chiefs, politicians and non profits. Chefs and everyday business people.  Most wouldn’t even consider themselves storytellers.  But they are.

The format of the show is very relaxed, just like the campfire or the kitchen table, with people talking.  And the conversation is hosted by Chris Wolf, a master in keeping things moving along.

The show has enabled a lot of storytellers to tell a lot of stories.  And we’re looking for more storytellers.

For an idea of some of our shows, see for the show announcements.

If you, or your organization, have a story that’s worth sharing or know someone who does, we’d like to hear from you.  Email Chris Wolf directly at  You don’t have to be a professional speaker.  You don’t have to prepare.  You just need to have a story and be passionate about it.  We hope to hear from you.

And that’s OUR story.

Hurricane Island Show

Hurricane Island guests having a fun show with Chris Wolf.
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