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Every Wednesday Evening, 5-6:00 p.m. WRFR 93.3 FM or Maine Coast TV, Knox County Spectrum Channel 7 or online www.MaineCoast.TV

The Rockland Metro Show is open-minded talk radio (and television) where we actually talk to each other. We listen to each other too, and (trigger warning) we learn from each other. It’s a conversation about whatever we feel like talking about. We do it for fun, we do it to improve ourselves, and we do it to further the progress of civilization.

Being local means there is a seat for you at the table. On the Metro Show you can be a spectator or, if you’d like, a participant. Our guests are probably people you know, and you can chime in whenever you like, by telephone, or by zoom.

To be a listener on radio or a spectator on TV, PC or phone (Zoom not required):

Join us every Wednesday evening to listen on WRFR FM 93.3 or audio streaming on Or watch on Maine Coast TV, Spectrum Channel 7, on browser on computer or smartphone at www.MaineCoast.TV, or on your TV via our ROKU channel “Maine Coast TV”.

To be a participant on Zoom:

Our participants come on the show via ZOOM. If the show is about a particular topic, we WELCOME participants to ALL sides of a discussion.

To join by ZOOM email before or during the show and we’ll email you an invite. With the ZOOM invite you can join with video, or not, or with a phone call as listed in the ZOOM invite.

Do you have an interesting show topic?

We’re always looking for good show topics or good guests to build a show around. If you have some ideas, please contact Joe Steinberger at WRFR via email.

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