Dear Friends: Sea Smoke

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Dear Friends,

Sea smoke has always attracted me; it is certainly one of the most obvious visual indicators of serious cold…of serious winter.

Sea Smoke II

Sea smoke is an alluring phenomenon…when the bay is literally steaming with a differential of 50 or so degrees, with the water in the 40’s and the air down below zero. Once or twice I’ve run Raven in conditions like this and it is most extraordinary. Not at all like fog that settles down upon you, sea smoke rises right out of the water and, just like the steam it is, wafts silently upward into the strangely altered, glowing silver sky. It can be entrancing.

Deep Freeze

But there lies danger and death within this beauty. To read the story behind Deep Freezeclick here.

And now, dear friends, ever onward into spring and all that it will – ever so slowly – return to us. We are huddled around fires, metaphoric and otherwise; this has been a ferociously strange year for all of us and we most especially value the first few harbingers that nature is starting to eke our way. This is the time of year when I always hear the very first morning bird calls and now the days are noticeably- if begrudgingly – longer.

It’s coming, it’s coming…that’s the promise we are just barely beginning to allow ourselves in so many ways.

Winter well, stay warm and safe, and love the ones you’re with,

Peter and Terri

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