By Chris Wolf

With Memorial Day Weekend approaching, we ask: How do Americans like their burgers?

From well-done to ultra-rare, with ketchup or strictly just tomato — there are endless ways to enj oy the classic burger. A recent poll discovered (again) how Americans actually like their burgers. 40% of American adults prefer their burgers well-done, with only 17% preferring them medium. And only 2% like theirs cooked rare.

The poll also found that women are much more likely to enjoy a well-done burger than men. As for toppings, a not surprising 74% of Americans want a slice or two of cheese, followed by ketchup, which is preferred by 65 % of people.

Lettuce, tomatoes and onions are big hits too, each with over 50% of the votes. Fifty-four percent of folks prefer pickles and 52% percent squirt some mustard on top. At least one in five poll takers said they like bacon and 43 % like either mayonnaise or some type of aioli, while only 23 % opt for mushrooms.

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