Dear Friends: A Hug from Maine

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Dear Friends,

A few weeks back I shared another little collection of sailing images, confessing then to my lack of personal sailing experience but allowing that I find inshore sailing a visually iconic part of Maine coastal summers.


Now, as the days begin to grow noticeably shorter and cooler, we slowly renew our awareness that these near-halcyon days are not going to last much longer. In fact I think we can all be forgiven for contemplating the change in seasons this year with an atypical unease that reflects the myriad aberrations of 2020.

J.O. Brown’s

This is a particularly good time of year to enjoy every minute of every day to the best of our ability. Every year at this time we begin to psyche ourselves up for winter; this year, however, there are unknowns ahead for all of us. One certainty here in Maine, however, is that we now have a truly wonderful Governor, one whose superb leadership has led us to become the safest state in the country relative to Covid. We count our blessings in this regard and could not be more heartfelt in wishing you and yours the same security and comfort, no matter where you are.

Her Light

Please know that we are thinking of you. We encourage you to be neighborly if in these parts and, in any event, may you and yours stay healthy and well in all ways.

with our very best wishes,

Peter and Terri

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