Dear Friends: Hope

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Dear Friends,

Well, to state the obvious, what a year it’s been since last November’s election! 

I will not editorialize to that end, but instead simply reflect on the essence of hope and once again appreciate Philip Conkling’s deeply telling poem.

In this past year I came across one of the loveliest quotes that has ever found me; from Rabindranath Tagore, “Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.” 

I have that taped to my computer and I see it every day…it never ceases to get me. My, my, my…how I wish I could craft an image that pure.

Our seemingly everlasting summer has broken and it’s cold and wet out there today. Yes, we’re heading into more darkness, but always, always there’s light.

Be well, cheers,


The following was originally sent November 1st, 2020:


Dear Friends,

Today, on the eve of an extraordinary election, I again share Hope with you…..there is simply no more appropriate an image (or sentiment) at this time.

There is so much more I could say on this subject, but will instead share with you a poem inspired by Hope, written by my dear friend, Philip Conkling. 

My Fate

The mooring line is slack enough,
The tide’s drained down the bay.
The island spruce just lit enough,
To cast off for another day.

I know ever’ inch of this boat,
And the yard where I got her.
What she’ll do and what she won’t —
I named her for my daughter.

It used to be you set your gear
And tended traps by the shore.
The fishing deal was pretty clear;
You’d go hard to make more.

Storms at sea, I can weather —
Watch the sky, feel the swell,
And how birds flock together.
But then last fall, it went to hell,

And hasn’t gotten better.
Never thought there’d come a day
When I feared to be a debtor-
Hauling to keep the bank at bay.

Overhead the glowing rush
Washes heavens in belief.
Will the season bring relief?
My fate’s in hands I trust.

And now, trusting to all the forces that be, let us hope that this election will bring with it the beginning of the healing our country so desperately needs.

As always, do be neighborly if in these parts and, in any event, may you and yours stay healthy and well in all ways.,

with our very best wishes…and hopes,

Peter and Terri

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