Looking for a Different Side Dish?

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Sometimes we’re putting together a meal and looking for a good side dish that’s healthy and tasty.

Perhaps you should consider a bowl of fresh fruit. Great in the summer or winter.

It’s easy to make.

Just cut up apples, bananas, grapes, strawberries or whatever you might have around.

You can also buy a bag of frozen fruit such as mangos, blueberries and add some to the mix…but not too much, you want it to be mostly fresh. Be sure to let the fruit thaw enough to be safe to cut.

Mandarin oranges are great peeled (easy to do) with the segments separated and then cut in half.

If you have dried cranberries a bit to those give great color and taste.

Squeeze a little bit of lemon juice (fresh or bottled) on the cut up fruit (to add flavor and keep the fruit from turning brown), a squeeze of lime if you have it, as well as a bit or orange or cranberry-apple, etc. juice.

Toss it all and you’re ready to go!

Extra Hints:

If you make it double batch, it keeps well overnight in fridge and you get to enjoy it twice as much…breakfast, lunch or dinner.

When you serve it, you can sprinkle some cut up pecans or walnuts on top. Great flavor or texture.

Serve it with vanilla or strawberry ice-cream for a unique dessert.

Try using some raspberry walnut vinaigrette as one of the juices.

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