Vintage High School Basketball 2005 : Camden Hills Girls vs. Oak Hill 12/3/2005 Season 7 Game # 2

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Watch this Vintage Maine high school girls basketball game between the Windjammers of Camden Hills and the Raiders of Oak Hill. This is Game # 3 of Season 7 of Vintage Basketball. More games are available on this website. This game was played at Camden Hills Regional High School in Rockport on 12/3/2005. The starters for Jay Carlsen’s Windjammers were Georgia Smith, Samantha Wiley, Claire Neville, Morgan Hart, and MaryAnn Croce. The starters for Oak Hill were Ashley Stein, Ashley Maderus, Amber Chapman, Katie Dyer, and Amy Quinland. (Important note : The 2005 player Samantha Wiley is now (2023)  the varsity girls basketball coach at Camden Hills – Samantha Wiley Bragg. Congratulations, Sam!)