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By Peter Ralston

Dear Friends,

I am dashing this off to you between Raven cruises. We’re still wonderfully busy here, between our own gallery and the exhibition of my work at Blue Raven Gallery in Rockland… not to mention a handful of remaining Raven days on the bay.

All of these images were made on Thursday as I poked around the bay with new friends from Virginia. It was, as always, a day filled with sublime beauty and a few surprises. Enjoy!

We weren’t even out of our harbor before we came across this very accommodating eagle by Indian Island. Not long after that along came schooner Heritage as we approached Vinalhaven.

While walking around Carver’s Harbor on Vinalhaven I found myself drawn to these two little vignettes:

She’s Gone

Then, later that afternoon, after cruising over to Isle au Haut, we slid up into Seal Bay, Vinalhaven, where, true to its name we sighted a number of basking Harbor seals.


It’s always entertaining to see them hauled out on their favorite ledges and then (!!) one of the day’s more dramatic surprises as we looked more closely at the white/silvery seal. It took only a second to realize that it was a very lucky seal…despite its obvious too-close encounter with a Great White shark. I’m happy to report that despite the huge scar, the seal seemed perfectly healthy.

Shark Bit

As always, the day ended as we rounded Indian Island and up into our harbor which years ago Charles Kurault called “the most perfect small harbor in America.” Instead of the eagle that had seen us off that morning, Rockport’s own schooner Heron was there to see us safely back after a wonderful day.

Rounding Home

As you read this I am out there again… by noon EST I’ll be somewhere east of Vinalhaven, just poking around, trying to simply be open, hoping that images and stories will once again find me. No matter where I am, I will be counting my blessings.



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