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Dear Friends,

It is a supremely gorgeous day here and minutes ago I walked from my studio over to the bridge—all of a one-minute stroll—to make these two images. Well, actually that’s not quite right; I did take my camera along (of course) but it was a little walk to clear my head and heart…and drink in the light.


So from the middle of the Rockport Bridge here’s a view due south and another due north. In the North picture, Raven is almost dead center, behind the two center lobster boats and I love that in the background there’s Sadie coming in from hauling aboard her Must Be Nice, as well as one little sailboat out there. Doing a 180˚ there’s the everloving handiwork of the Rockport Garden Club with the waterfall behind that marks the end of saltwater influence, aka head of tide.

In the midst of all the lunacy in the world, sometimes a little walk and a deep breath make all the difference.


Cheers and more to one and all,


Ralston Gallery, 23 Central Street, Rockport, ME 04856

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