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Dear Friends,

When we were young, our mother taught my brothers and me the quiet but deep gratification of sharing a proper Thank You. Every year at Thanksgiving we each wrote a letter to someone of our choice to whom we owed thanks for something in the past year and it’s a habit I have seldom failed to fulfill.

This year I am writing to all of you…all of you who have in some way helped make 2023 our best year yet at Ralston Gallery. We are, in two words, extremely grateful. Thank you, thank you.

Thankful by Peter Ralston

It has been a year of rewarding accomplishment, and there were gratifying sales this year, but more than that, it was a year of lots of “new” people getting to know my work and us. We had truly wonderful visits from/with so many of you…and to ALL of you I thank you for ALL of the above!

Note: astute followers of these “hugs from Maine” may remember the previous three paragraphs…yes, I used them two years ago but every word in them rings every bit as true today.

With all my heart I want to thank many of you for your very generous support of the wonderful village of Port Clyde as they begin to rebuild after the September fire that destroyed the general store and other business that were (and will be again) the beating heart of the community there. Your collective contributions total over $12,000 and many of you consequently now own 17 x 22″ prints of Gamming, “sales” of which we dedicated 100% to the cause. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

While at it, I might encourage you to take a minute (or five) to read the story that accompanies my photograph, Thankful  ,. Perhaps immodestly, it’s a really good story, albeit too long. If you want to read just the best of it, cut to the fourth paragraph from the bottom…I cannot fully express how much I love that!!

Above all else, here’s wishing you and yours an especially happy and meaningful Thanksgiving this year. I know that we here, especially given all the darkness that currently stalks around in the world, will be particularly mindful of our myriad blessings. We absolutely count you among them.

All cheers,


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