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First and foremost, I want to thank the many of your who responded so generously to last week’s “hug from Maine” in which I spoke to the terrible damage from the two big storms back in January. Your contributions to the fund that the Island Institute has created specifically to help Maine’s working waterfronts rebuild before the fishing season begins in the spring means more than you can imagine. The remarkable work the Institute is doing is making a huge difference right now, when it is most needed…thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

But lest you think that winter here doesn’t also have its gentler, more soul-nurturing side, I am sharing with you a “hug” I sent last year at this time. I hope that you enjoy it…again.

Much as I love winter here and usually go out of way to avoid leaving Maine, today I am again taking off for parts south for a week…and may possibly forgo my note to you next Sunday. In any event, all of us here wish you and yours all the best as well as



The following was originally sent February 19th, 2023

Dear Friends,

These first two photographs were made on the same December afternoon, back in 1988.

It was one of those perfect winter days…off with a great friend on the boat, poking around a few islands.

Here’s the story I wrote about Island Farm (image above) a few years back.


And here’s what I wrote about Noontide, made on the same extraordinary island.

I find that this year—today—I especially treasure the regained quiet.

And here’s a brand new image (untitled as of now) that I made two weeks ago when it was down to -14˚ here, about half an hour after I made Minus 38. Since it was 58˚ here two days ago, I think it’s worth mentioning that this indicates a 96˚ temperature range in the course of the last two weeks, including the windchill factor…72˚ range with just straight temps!

From the quiet, snowy and ever beautiful coast of Maine, we send you our very warmest wishes,


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