Vintage Boys Basketball # 2 Spring Season 2024 Camden-Rockport vs Winslow January 1999

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Watch this 1999 Vintage Boys Basketball game between the Windjammers of Camden-Rockport and the Black Raiders of Winslow. This game was played at Camden-Rockport High School in Camden in January of 1999. The players were introduced by student president Tim Brown. Starting for the Coach Jeff Hart’s Windjammers were Jim Wilson, Jon Moro, Tory King, Tim Marden, Nate Neville, Zak McIntyre, Ben Spooner, Tyler Smith, Ben Marshall, Brian Fitzpatrick, DW Poole, and Nick Learnard. Starting for Coach Thurston’s Black Raiders were Todd Carter, Patrick Bard, Ty Hathworth, Josh Pliska, Nate Kurion, Ryan Caldwell, and Nate Sheward. The play-by-play broadcasters were Charlie Crockett & Don Palmer, and the sports videographer was Penny Crockett.