Why Are Cat’s Eyes Slits?

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Cats’ eyes have vertical slit-shaped pupils primarily as an adaptation to their hunting behavior and lifestyle. But inside those mysterious eyes are special functions going on that are particularly important to cats :

  1. Light Regulation: Cats are crepuscular animals, meaning they are most active during dawn and dusk when light levels are low. The vertical slit pupil can expand widely to let in more light in dim conditions, allowing them to see better in low light.
  2. Depth Perception and Acute Vision: Vertical pupils may also aid in depth perception, which is crucial for predators like cats when stalking prey. The shape of their pupils allows them to judge distances accurately, which is important for ambushing prey.
  3. Protection: Vertical slit pupils can also protect the sensitive retina from bright light and glare, particularly in environments where there are sudden changes in light levels.
  4. Field of View: Cats have a wider field of view than humans, and their pupils can dilate and contract quickly to accommodate changes in light and movement. The slit shape enables them to quickly adjust the amount of light entering their eyes without compromising their field of view.

And sometimes cats just need to see well when they’re in the middle of a huge plumbing job!

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