Camden Maine Knowlton Dam Is Also Threatened With Demolition

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By Charles Graham, Camden Resident

In the effort to save Camden’s Montgomery Dam, it is often overlooked that the Knowlton Street Dam, a half mile upstream, has also been recommended for demolition in the Interfluve report that’s being used to justify removing the Montgomery Dam.

As a Camden taxpayer whose property abuts the millpond formed by the Knowlton Dam, I see this body of water as a big ecological and quality of life asset to our neighborhood and to the Town, and I don’t understand the benefits claimed for its destruction.

Let me explain.


Not all wildlife likes a running stream, and the Knowlton mill pond gets a wide variety of species that you won’t see as much of on the freely running stream proposed. Some of these species are:

Great Blue Heron:

Ducks of many kinds. (a winter gathering) Eagle (after the ducks)

Eagles. (After the Ducks):

Beavers. (This is their upstream dam):

Geese: (male guarding nest from whistling ducks):

In addition, the Knowlton mill pond is populated by bull frogs, snapping turtles, king fishers, sea ducks, mergansers, wood ducks, and, in the past month, eleven visiting black-bellied whistling ducks from the tropics, all of which prefer still water to flowing.

In addition destroying this richness, we are being asked to accept unproven runs of sea fish, as well as potential introduction of invasive species.


The Interfluve Report describes the Knowlton Dam as in good shape and “classified as a low (flood) hazard dam”.

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