My Perfect Man!

Featured, Kathrin Seitz

By Gabrielle Attra

We like to lay on the floor and listen to the rain. He makes all my carpets look more expensive than they actually are. He even makes my tattered and worn red leather sofa look smart. We sometimes take selfies together and I look prettier in them when he is next to me.

I notice how just the shape of him compliments the colors of my clothes. I tend to wear a lot of reds and blues, which go nicely with his complexion. Lately I’ve been incorporating a bit more yellow into my wardrobe, which only makes him look sexier. When we’re in bed together his dark black hair stands out against the cool slate blue of my bedspread.

He will bite my earlobe and give me wet kisses from my nose to my neck. I will roll my face over his stomach and breathe in his scent. As I’m about to fall asleep he will reach out and stroke my face. He is a state-of-the-art cuddle-r.  His name is Tony, and he is my cat.


Gabrielle Attra is a writer in Midcoast Maine. She received a B.A. in Communication from Assumption College in Worcester, MA. and an M.A. in Communication from Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT. She writes about fashion and social behavior. She has a column on fashion for PenBay Pilot intended to explore the role of fashion in our lives.


This story was written with guidance by Kathrin Seitz, Writing Coach, who helps writers find the stories within themselves. More about Kathrin can be found at

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