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Featured, Peter Zeihan

By Peter Zeihan, geopolitical Expert

If you have any interest in what’s really happening in our crazy world, Peter Zeihan is an amazing source of unbiased insight as to what is going on.

And he’s an amazing person. In each video, you’ll see him broadcasting as he’s hiking from some different/interesting place in the world, with facts you don’t usually hear elsewhere.

From 30,000 feet, the pace of the Ukraine War appears to be slowing and even reaching a stalemate; however, when we zoom in on places like the Dnieper River and Mariupol, we can see the new tactics and strategies being implemented on both sides.

The Ukrainians are beginning to use smaller waves of units to push across the Dnieper and hold ground along the riverbank. If this continues and they can successfully move south, there’s a chance that they can cut off supply routes and stir up some problems for the Russians.

Of course, the Russians aren’t sitting idle. Between sending more troops through the meat grinder and layering the region with mines, the Russians have been able to prevent any major breakthroughs for the Ukrainians.

There is plenty happening behind the scenes.

Photo by Jereme Co.

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Peter Zeihan is a world expert in geopolitics: the study of how place impacts financial, economic, cultural, political, and military developments. He presents customized executive briefings to a wide array of audiences including financial professionals, Fortune 500 firms, energy investors, and a mix of industrial, power, agricultural, and consulting associations and corporations. Mr. Zeihan has been featured in, and cited by, numerous newspapers and broadcasts including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, AP, Bloomberg, CNN, ABC, The New York Times, Fox News, and MarketWatch.

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