More Than Hon Hon Hon: What Are the French Up to in Ukraine? || Peter Zeihan

Featured, Peter Zeihan

Photo by Gerd Eichmann

By Peter Zeihan

If you have any interest in what’s really happening in our crazy world, Peter Zeihan is an amazing source of unbiased insight as to what is going on.

And he’s an amazing person. In each video, you’ll see him broadcasting as he’s hiking from some different/interesting place in the world, with facts you don’t usually hear elsewhere.

There’s been recent discussions by French President Macron regarding deploying French troops to Ukraine. Is this really going to happen and why would they do this?

Given France’s nationalist stance, stable demographics, and the evolving European landscape, this appears to be a feasible endeavor. The French stand to gain some insight to tech and new tactics, some resource regulation, and the obvious strategic positioning to support Ukrainian forces and the security interests of wider Europe.

Given the relative speed with which France can make decisions and implement them (when compared to the Germans), this is likely the emergence of the French as an assertive power in European strategic conversations. This move could shake up all of Europe, so I’ll be monitoring this situation as it continues to unfold.

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