Is the U.S. Power Grid at High Alert?

Featured, Peter Zeihan

By Peter Zeihan

I’ve started hearing rumblings about the American power grid and vulnerability to cyber attacks. Sure there’s been hiccups throughout the years, but this one isn’t keeping me up at night.

Those hiccups I mentioned, such as the post-9/11 power surge, have laid the groundwork for improving the American power grid’s resilience. Through technological advancements, decentralizing power generation, and network segmentation, the American power grid is reasonably equipped to handle most potential hacks. That’s a major pain for the green transition, but shockingly positive for security.

Thanks to the segmented nature of our grid and the quick response plans in place, hacks just don’t pose that big of risk. So no, the stability and safety of the American power grid does not keep me from catching some ZZZs.

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